Self, 1988
Claire Rees-Jones, 2017
Oil on Canvas, 62 x 77cm


Claire Rees-Jones is a fine artist based in Stroud, UK. She is currently focusing on photorealistic oil paintings.

After several years of working as a photorealistic painter and assistant for one of the world's premier artists [CV]. Claire now concentrates solely on her own practice. She gravitates towards nostalgic and candid source images and is in the early stages of planning an exhibition of a body of photorealistic work in the near future.

She also undertakes commissions and has a few remaining commission spaces for 2018. See below for more details.

With expert brushwork, Claire is able to explore the subtleties of an image and convey a tender intimacy that reflects a sensitive relationship to the source. To this end, she is particular about the projects she undertakes; each one being carefully chosen to ensure that the original authenticity can be realised.

She prefers to work with unposed source photographs which have a special meaning for the client.

left hand side view


A photo-realistic painting is one of the most labour-intensive styles of painting.

Each project is a unique undertaking and costs and time are dependent on the detail in the source photo and the size required for the completed work.

Each painting is finished to a high professional standard using the finest materials. It will be signed and dated by the artist.

If you would like to commission a photorealistic painting, please read the steps outlined below. Then click the link to email the requested details. As noted above, Claire is selective about the work she undertakes.


Securing Your Commission

Step One: Initial Assessment

Firstly, please contact the artist with the following information:

• A small copy of the photo you wish to be painted.
(Emails with attachments exceeding 2mb will be automatically blocked. For files larger than 2mb, please upload via WeTransfer.)

• A description of your relationship to your photograph and why it holds a special significance for you.

The artist will then review your request and assess the project and the available commission slots. Please understand there is a waiting list.

Retouching Note:

Sometimes original photos require retouching to remove blemishes and it may be necessary to add subtle colouring and blur effects to fit with the artist style. From experience, some photos do not work, but when they do, ultimately, the finished oil painting creates something even more beautiful. Any retouching work will be done once the commission has been undertaken for review by the client prior to painting.

Step Two: Quote, deposit & time-slot

Once agreement has been reached on the final image to be painted, you will receive a full quotation, including shipping and VAT. At this point, a 50% deposit secures your time-slot and a simple standard contract will be sent to you for signature, thus protecting both parties.

Each project is unique but, as a guideline, the cost for a 62 x 77cm (24 x 30in) oil as Self, 1988 above, is £1,500. A piece with this level of detail typically takes around one month to complete.

Step Three: Completion

When the time-slot arrives, you will be notified that the commission is underway. If you wish, the artist can send you photos as the work progresses.

Once the work is complete, the finished piece will be shipped in a customised wooden crate, directly from the artist's studio in Stroud via DHL International, tracked and insured.

Begin the Commission Process

Commission Enquiry